Numerical simulations of the reservoir have become a standard in geothermal exploration and are performed using highly specialized software and high-performance personal computer. Three dimensional geological models of the geothermal reservoir are used as the basis of the numerical model.

Numerical models are used to simulate heat and mass transport in the geothermal reservoir. Their aim is to validate the conceptual model of the reservoir, to locate the most suitable zones for production and reinjection wells and to simulate the behaviour of the reservoir under exploitation. They can therefore minimize risks due to over-production, interference between reinjection and production wells. Thermofluidodinamic simulation is a necessary tool for managerial choices.

Terra Energy team have a solid experience in numerical simulation of the geothermal reservoir, both for high and low enthalpy resources for reservoir management.

Numerical simulation experience: Terra Energy has modelled many medium enthalpy geothermal fields for geothermal companies.